Monday, March 26, 2012

the tomcat?

There's this creature called 'tomcat' in my hometown (in front of my house, to be exact), its real name is Coleoptera Staphylinidae. So small, slim and orange-black in colour. In indonesia (east java, particularly) there's an outbreak of this insect and of course, it created panic atmosphere among people. Why?? not only because of its exploding numbers in certain areas of the city, but also due to the danger of its venom. The venom of this mini-creature is horribly scary for our skin. It causes the skin to itch and feel a burning-sensation, just like a Herpes. Worse, it will leave permanent scar on the skin when scratched. But who wouldn't scratch it if it is so itchy that u won't be able to control ur hand to scratch? scary,, isn't it?? So the next question is, why is there an outbreak of this insect? I guess it's because of disruption of its habitat, rice field. Ppl convert it into housing estate. So maybe it's not their fault, but humans' fault.

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